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“FAIRY TAIL: HERO’S JOURNEY” closed beta date revealed


LYNNWOOD, WA – GameSamba has announced today that the closed beta test (CBT) for the upcoming online RPG, "FAIRY TAIL: HERO’S JOURNEY", will begin on September 7 at 19 PM and be available exclusively on GameSamba.com.

Based on the hit anime series, "FAIRY TAIL: HERO’S JOURNEY" is the ONLY officially licensed online "Fairy Tail" game that will be playable in your browser. It will feature a new telling of the "Fairy Tail" story, and allow players to collect and build teams of their favorite "Fairy Tail" wizards.

The CBT will be the first time the game has been playable anywhere in the world. Players will be able to create their own wizard, build a team, unlock mounts and pets, and play through a variety of game modes including normal and elite stages, multiple PvP options, and more.

In-game and out-of-game events will be run during the CBT period, with players able to earn rewards that can be unlocked when the game is fully launched later this year.

For updates on when CBT goes live and to create an account to play, players can visit http://fairytail.gamesamba.com.

About GameSamba

GameSamba is a publisher and developer of free-to-play and mobile games, with studios in Seattle, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. The company’s mission is to bring high quality titles to a global audience. GameSamba currently publishes Star Trek: Alien Domain and 18: Dream World, and has upcoming titles including Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War, FAIRY TAIL: HERO’S JOURNEY, and two mobile games based on Fairy Tail and Attack on Titan. For more information, visit www.gamesamba.com.