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Fairy Tail: Hero’s Journey Data Wipe OBT Begins on Dec. 14th


Greetings Heroes,

Thank you for supporting Fairy Tail: Hero’s Journey through our closed beta test. We are now prepared to launch our Open Beta Test on Dec. 14th at 6PM PST. This open beta test will introduce new systems, new quests, and adjust features based on your feedback from the previous test.

Open Beta Test Policy:

1. The duration of Fairy Tail: Hero’s Journey Open Beta Test will last approximately 30 days.

2. All data will be wiped after this Open Beta Test. This includes characters, levels, gear, and pets.

3. Top-up services will be available, and you will be able to utilize the in-game gold shop.

4. Due to data being wiped after this period, we will provide 150% purchased gold return when the formal OBT is released.

For example, a player which purchased 10,000 gold during the data-wipe OBT will receive 15,000 gold back upon character creation in the formal OBT.

5. Please provide your valid email address in Account Settings, so that we can deliver the gold return/gifts card/game items to you when necessary. Account settings can be found on the Fairy Tail: Hero’s Journey homepage after logging in in the upper right corner drop down menu.

6. VIP experience points will be returned in 100% when the formal OBT is released.

7. Monthly card received in this open beta test will not be able to return when the formal OBT is released..

We look forward to seeing you all back in Fairy Tail Guild Family!

Thanks for your support, have fun exploring Earthland,

Fairy Tail: Hero’s Journey Product Team