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OBT 2.0 Opening Announcement


Dear Hero,

The long-expected OBT 2.0 will be open on Jan.29 at 01:00am (PST). Sorry to keep you waiting for such a long time and thank you for your patience.

Updates in this version include:

1.Added some new events as shown below.

2.Adjusted and optimized the way of acquiring some partners.

3.Added some voice over and sound effects (for test purpose).


1.For paid users in OBT-1.0, please use your original account to sign in and create new character. The information provided to the customer support must contain your Gamesamba account, the nickname used in OBT 1.0 and OBT 2.0.

2.All bonus VIP level and gold rebate will be sent after 7 working days when information statistics are completed. (If your VIP level in OBT 2.0 server exceeds the bonus VIP level, the bonus will not be sent to you additionally.)

Fairy Tail: Hero's Journey Team

Jan. 28th, 2018